How to Prepare General Knowledge (GK) for Competitive Exams

Nowadays students are preparing the competitive exam. In all competitive exam contains important subject is General knowledge. General knowledge is vast subject that’s why students have tensioned and how to prepare general knowledge. Don’t worry. I will suggest you some of the tips and you follow. you can get high score. GK is being updated with day to day life incidents, events and issues happened within a period of time. 

“General Knowledge” covers many topics like from economy, sports, education, politics and even technology. In every second some events took place and issues happened around the world in each and every sector, so that you should note the important data of some highlighted news, and remember them it is a very easy plan to prepare GK.

In present era General Knowledge is the main part of all entrance exam whether for recruitment or for any other exam in both government and private sectors. 

Strategy To Prepare For Competitive Exams:

How to Prepare General Knowledge (GK) for Competitive Exams Make a habit of reading Newspaper daily: Candidates should make a habit of reading the newspapers regularly. Some helpful newspapers are “The Times of India”, “The Hindu”, “The Telegraph” ,”Economic Times”, etc. Hence you should improve the English knowledge.

Picking a good newspaper is one of the most important starting points. Since you are in India, I would suggest you to start with The Hindu. Pick a physical newspaper. Setup a routine/ritual. Make it a group activity. Start from your most favorite sections. Pay attention to the stories. Write a summary.

Firstly, there should be curiosity to know what's-happening-around. If you have it then you'll ... If you have it then you'll surely enjoy reading newspapers. ... you like,; Then start reading anything, and finally; You're reading a newspaper daily.

But reading newspapers have other benefits as well. Reading English daily can enrich the vocabulary of an individual.

Follow News Channels Regularly: You should follow the news channel at least once or twice a day. Try to focus on the breaking and highlighted reports. Suppose you miss anything or not concentrate on newspaper you can catch it here. 

Maintain a Dairy: Whatever and whenever you are learning important news at any time to note down in your note book as it will help you to remember all the events in the mind. It should be improved way.

Internet power: You should have to use online resources. Candidates may also search the awareness questions and current topics with the help of search engines such as Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. you can gain information from online resources. You can visit these sites through your smart phones easily from anywhere and also visit news channels also.

Make your strength your plus point: We usually find it very hard to learn the whole thing at a glimpse so in this way we mainly study a lot,but keep in mind a little so we need to first shape out our strong areas for our preparation.

Be positive and eradicate negative thoughts: for all time try to stay peaceful as it help you to build your attention power, be positive enough to make yourself assure that you would surely do well in your GK section.

Participate in online Quizzes: You should be participated in quizzes to enhance your skills and to score good marks in exam. Online Quizzes are available on different sites and helps you to understand the pattern of the exam.

Plan your Preparation accordingly: All the competitive exams have a different. Therefore try to practice as per the exams you are appearing for. You should practice regularly due to gradually reduce time and increase speed in every test. It is most important. 

Read Magazines thoroughly: Monthly magazines named Pratiyogita Darpan, Manorama, Banking Chronicle Services etc. These magazines are giving the information. It is also one of the great source of daily current affairs.

Group discussion: You must be involved in current affairs and GK with your friends in group discussion. Group discussion also improves your Ability, Confidence and memory Power. So maximum you try to participate in group discussion with your friends frequently.
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