How to Prepare Current Affairs for IBPS Bank Exam?

Current Affairs is one among the best competitive exams and definitely a vast subject. It is a part of general knowledge that deals with day to day life and affairs, events, issues etc. Hence current affairs are day to day incidents and events around us.

When it comes to latest event, this is very important section for all competitive and also banking exams. Let’s get directly into the basics of current affairs that helps fresher who have no idea about the topic.

Current Affairs and Topics Related to Current Affairs:

Prepare Current Affairs for IBPS Bank Exam

Current affairs are always an important subject during the interviews because the interviewer or the examiner tests your basic general awareness and how much you are updated about India’s economy, sports, eminent personalities, different awards, honors, books, authors, etc.

Current affairs deal with national, international, environment, economy, sports, science – technology and many other topics. It also deals with Indian society, Indian politics, social justice, etc. Here are few important topics you need to know about so that you can keep updated very easily for bank exams or any other competitive exam.

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Preparation tips for IBPS Bank Exam

Apart from these tips you can also find out other online and offline material from different websites and keep yourself update on daily basis. Let’s get into the tips directly: 

1) NEWS Paper: 

Try to read NEWS paper regularly. Reading a single newspaper is not enough to know the current affairs. But you need to read more than 3 newspapers daily. There are different newspapers that give you additional information and you can grab maximum knowledge from such papers. Reading newspaper is definitely a good habit to improve basic knowledge and score maximum marks in GK test. Apart from the newspaper, there is few news channels where you can gain know few current affairs missed in newspapers. 

2) News Channel: 

As discussed above, news channel also play an important role to know about current affairs. NDTV, Times Now, ET Now, Zee News, etc are few news channels that stand on the top in terms of current affairs. Try to follow these channels at least 30 to 40 minutes on daily basis. Just following highlights helps you increase you general knowledge that is important for your competitive exam. 

3) Surfing Internet: 

There are ample number of online resource in the market that tells you about current affairs and what the nation is all about. But do remember to choose an excellent website that gives apt information because there are millions of websites today that to guide you wrong. Hence reliable websites where you can get them access through your smartphones very easily. 

4) Magazines: 

Magazines also play best role in current affairs. Magazines like Pratoyogita Darpan, Business Today, Manorama, etc. These magazines contain images, charts, analytics, statastics, reports, etc. You not only gain knowledge from these magazines, but also get rid of your boredom while travelling or waiting for someone. 

5) Mock Tests / Online Quiz: 

Participating in GK online quiz and mock tests will help you know about current affairs. These exam give you confidence and exact idea about the current scenario. It also helps you to understand and gives you grip about the pattern of the exam. 

6) Group discussion: 

Do involve in group discussions with your friends that includes current affairs and general knowledge. Such group discussions improve your ability, confidence and also your memory power. Maximum group discussions help you improve the communication ability too.

All these best tips guide you towards the current affairs for any competitive exam and also enhances your GK ability.
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