Universal Account Number UAN - Withdraw EPF and Benefits

Fed up with changing the PF account number whenever you are changing the company? Do not worry. The Government of India introduced UAN that makes you feel easy to transfer the PF amount whenever you want to transfer the amount from one account to other.

Universal Account Number UAN - Withdraw EPF and BenefitsThe Government of India found the pain of changing EPF account whenever he/she changed the job. It is also a time consuming process and it takes more than 2 months to change the account. Sometimes few companies are even forcing to withdraw the PF amount which is definitely an irritating process. 

But from now onwards, the UAN subscribers can become hassle free as honorable Prime Minister Shri Modi launched UAN Account Number for all PF subscribers. Let’s know about Hot to Get the UAN Number.

How to Get UAN by Myself:

  • Getting UAN is very easy when you follow these few steps correctly: 
  • Open your browser and type the URL: http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/
  • Then click on install option and then click on add button 
  • Open a new tab page and then fill in all the details in the form to receive UAN number.
  • EPFO will allot PF number to the employers and the employer will provide the same to the contributing employees along with a new member ID 
  • The employee need to provide KYC details to the employer where they need to submit identification proof, address proof, bank account details, IFSC code, etc. 
  • It is employer’s responsibility to verify the KYC details provided by the employee. 
  • The employee then have to complete the registration process on the official website by clicking on activate UAN based registration in the page https://uanmembers.epfoservices.in and enter the following details like UAN number provided by the employer, mobile number, member ID given by the new employer. 
  • Once all the details are submitted, you will receive an authorization PIN on your mobile 
  • After entering the pin, submit the details and then enter the other details like father’s name, husband name, date of birth etc 
  • Finally you will have to create a password and this ends the registration process. Then you can see your updated EPF passbook. 

What Should you do If your Employer Has not Given you the UAN Number:

  • The first thing you need to check is whether you were allotted UAN number by your employer by visiting the page: http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in
  • Then enter your current PF number and thus your 
  • PF status can be displayed.
  • If you have been allotted the UAN number, then your system will display the status that you were allotted the UAN number and kindly get your UAN number form your employer. 
  • Then you have to ask your employer for UAN and provide then KYC details. 
  • The employers then have to link up your details with your UAN.

Benefits of UAN: 

  • Introduction of Universal Account Number made the PF transfer process easy and also transparent. 
  • It links up all EPF accounts since it acts like your customer ID with many accounts in bank. 
  • With this number, one can apply for EPF withdrawal. But before that the employers verifies the KYC documents. 
  • One can check EPF balance online after getting registered and activated with UAN portal. 
  • The user can view and download after successful activation of UAN and view the transactions very easily. 
  • Once you are registered and given UAN, then there will be no more pressure of employer to handle your EPF account. 
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