Top 10 Most Expensive Shares in India

India has the top firms that are most expensive and is going back by its stock prices. It is the most expensive stock market after Japan. Right from Hindustan Unilever to UltraTech Cement, Asian Paints to HDFC Bank, the most India’s top firms are now expensive in their respective sectors globally. 

Coming to shares, they are part of any organization which is purchased by a buyer and in turn the buyer has the right to claim the profit as well as loss of the company. It is always a good option of investment and also offers good returns if planned excellently.

Generally small companies have costliest shares and big corporations have comparatively less price. The reason behind this difference is stock split. Big companies usually split their stock that results in reduction of price in their shares. But small companies do not split their shares and hence their price keeps on rising, thus becoming the costliest shares in the country.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shares in India:

Among the costliest shares in India, following are the Most Expensive Stocks in India offering you a decent return and growth.

Top 10 Most Expensive Stocks in India1) Blue Dart:

Blue Dart known for its high quality services occupied 10th position in share market with Rs. 6,508/- per share. It is leading courier company and has its presence in more than 34k locations. It has its operations in 200 countries with more than 8,700 vehicles. 

2) Polson:

Polson occupies 9th place in Indian share market with its share price about Rs. 7,250/- per share. It is an Indian company with its operations in different sectors like leather, chemical, pharmaceuticals, etc. 

3) Bajaj Finance:

Bajaj finance is leading finance company in India and its stocks are considered to be most expensive ones of Indian companies. The stock price of Bajaj is Rs. 7777/- and is known for its consistent performer stock marketer compared to others. The company is giving good returns to investor year to year. Choosing Bajaj Finance is at present a smart decision and you can add this to your portfolio.

4) 3M India: 

3M India comes next in the list and is an Indian subsidiary of 3M. It is an American multinational corporation that started its operations in India in the year 1988. Its share price starts from Rs. 8,230/- and its products are related to different sectors like health care, security, communication, transportation, etc.

5) Honeywell:

Honeywell occupies 7th position in terms of share and its price per share includes about Rs. 8,323/-. It is an American multinational corporation that was incorporated in the year 1906. It is listed in Fortune 100 companies list and it manufactures different products in different sectors like health care, petro chemicals, aerospace, etc.

6) Shree Cement:

Shree Cement is occupying 6th position in the most expensive Indian shares list. Its share price is about Rs. 11,075/-. It is an Indian giant cement company that was started in India in the year 1979. The company is growing continuously year by year and its revenue about Rs. 6,000/- is an example for its growth. It has 9 manufacturing units in India and its total cement capacity is more than 23 million tons per annum.

7) Page Industries:

Page Industries occupies next position in the list. It has the license from of Jockey India and was established in the year 1995. It manufactures different innerwear, sportswear and other accessories. Its price per share is Rs. 13,750/-.

8) Tide Water Oil:

Tide water oil is one among the costliest shares in India. Its price per share is Rs. 15,182/- and is a leading lubricant company. It was started in the year 1928 and at present it is among the leading lubricant companies in Indian industry. It manufactures and sells lubricants under the brand name Veedol and is known for its quality lubricants. 

9) Bosch:

Bosch is a German based engineering and electronics company that occupies one among the highest priced shares in India. The cost of each share is around Rs. 24,000/-.

10) MRF:

MRF is Indian tyres manufacturing company that holds the highest record of most expensive stock price in India. The share price of the company is about Rs. 40,000/- and is definitely one among the most profitable share for the stock exchangers.

There is limited number of stocks available in Indian market. Hence, the demand for stocks is considered to be high. It’s up to you to take the correct decision and choose the correct organization.
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