How to Download EPF Withdrawal Form - All about EPFO Forms

Employee Provident Fund came into existence on 15th November 1951and is a retirement benefit that is available to all salaried employees. This is maintained by Employees Provident Organization of India. Any company with more than 20 employees is a must to register with EPFO. Even to register to PF and also to Withdraw the PF amount, you require to fill a form online. 

This article is all about How to Download EPF Application Form and How to Withdraw EPF Amount Online. There are different forms available for you and you can claim various benefits from EPFO. Users can use these direct links of EPFO portals and can download various forms as per the requirement.

PF Withdrawal Form Procedure:

How to Download EPF Withdrawal Form - All about EPFO FormsFollowing procedure tell you in detail about How to Withdraw PF through Online. Apart from this, you can also find all the forms below where anyone who leaves or changes their job can either transfer their PF amount or can also withdraw the amount. There are other forms where you can apply for investing in LIC policy from the PF amount. 
  • Open your browser and enter the URL: Form in your browser 
  • Download the form from the above assured link 
  • Fill up the form with correct details 
  • First enter your PF account number 
  • Then your bank account number, IFSC code of your bank, Date of joining, Date of leaving, etc 
  • Once all the details are filled correctly, then you need to attest this form by any bank manager and gazette officer 
  • You can also attest the form from magistrate, post and sub post master or even with president of village panchayat. 
  • Then submit this to your company 
  • Enough your PF withdrawal process will be completed. But remember that good relations with your company will help you to get your PF smoothly. However, you can also withdraw your PF amount using your UAN. For this you need not ask for the signature of your employers too. 

EPF Withdrawal Forms: 

Following are list of PF withdrawal forms along with transfer forms for the benefit of users. 

Form 19: This form 19 is used to withdraw the entire PF amount. You can submit this form after leaving your service or after termination. You can click on the above link to download the form. Fill the form correctly, take the signature from the above mentioned officers and then submit to your employer. 

Form 10C: This form is used along with Form 19 and Form 20. You can submit this towards settlement of PF under the category of old family pension fund. You can submit this form in order to withdraw new employee’s pension scheme for issue of certificate for retaining membership. You can download this form from Here:

Form 13: This form helps you to transfer the PF amount from previous company to current employer. You can download this form from here:

Form 14: This form is needed when you want to finance your LIC policy from your PF amount. To download the form, you can click Here: . 

Form 10-D: This form helps you to get pension and the person’s nominee can apply for pension amount by using this amount. Nomination form 2 is also required along with this form to claim for pension. To download Form 10-D, you can click here: . 

EPF form 20: If case of demise of the member, then his/her family member can submit this form and claim the PF amount. Along with this form, he/she need to submit death certificate, form 2, and birth certificates of children. To download the form, you can click Here: . 

Form 31: This form is used for loans and advance withdrawal of the amount from EPF account. You can withdraw the amount from the account for various reasons like medical treatment, house loan or marriage. This form is also known as Advance PF Withdrawal Form. You can download the form Here: . 

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