How to open an NPS-National Pension System Account Online

Planning to relax for tomorrow? You are just a few minutes distance away from it. National Pension System also called as NPS is specially designed for those who want to enable systematic savings during the subscriber’s working life. It is an excellent event and a sustainable solution to provide adequate retirement income to every Indian citizen. 

What is NPS Plan? – Overview of NPS Plan:

How to open an NPS Account onlineaNPS is a voluntary and defined contribution retirement savings scheme introduced by Government. It is a steady stream of income after retirement and is very good scheme for every person. Every individual savings is pooled in the form of pension fund and in turn these funds are invested by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority. 

As the years pass on, these contributions grow and accumulate over years. The candidate can also withdraw a part of accumulated pension wealth as lump-sum whenever required.

How Can I Open NPS Account? – Process to Open NPS Account:

The controlling authority of NPS account is PFRDA and has several authorized banks where you can open it. You can open an account either directly through bank branch or through the online mode. Any person between the age limit 18-60 can open this account. Once you cross 60 years, you are not asked to invest in the NPS account but NPS account pays you the pension.

When you follow these few simple steps, you can open NPS Account Online within half an hour. But make sure to have an Online Demat Account before you decide How to Open NPS Account Online.

Steps to Open National Pension System -NPS Account Online:

Step 1: Open Government website: through your browser.

Step 2: Provide your Aadhaar Card Number in the space provided in the above mentioned government website. After submitting your aadhaar number, you receive a onetime password to your mobile number. This one password is linked with your aadhaar card number.

Note: If your do not have an aadhaar card number or if your phone number is not registered with your aadhaar card number, then you are not going to receive the OTP. Under such situations, you can register with your PAN Card Number.

Step 3: Once you receive OTP to your mobile, furnish it in the above portal. The portal will automatically retrieve your information. Your photo will be either taken from the aadhaar card or you are also given option to change and upload new photo.

Note: In case you are registered with aadhaar card number, then you will need to submit the documents as per the banker requirement.

Step 4: In the generated form, you have to mention all the relevant details and at the end you also have to upload the scanned copy of your signature.

Step 5: The payment can be through online in NPS Account. It can be done through Net Banking or Debit Card or Credit Card. 

If the registration is done through aadhaar card number, the whole process will be completed within 30 minutes. But in the other case, you will have to at least wait for few weeks.
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