Best and Highest Paying Jobs in India - Great Career for the Future

Have you passed 10th? Confused to choose the right higher education in India after 12th? Yes! Picking the right field can help you from experiencing disappointment during your job hunt. Hence choosing the right career track is always important right now in this competitive world. 

So, Let’s take a look towards the Top Career Fields in India so that these factors can help you over the next 10 years and more.

Top 10 Best Career Options in Demand Today:

1) Medical Field:

As everyone knows, medical field is always an evergreen and ripe with growth potential. Mostly nurses are in high demand today. An average nurse practitioner earns more than enough dollars and this demand is expected to increase more than 20%. This hike is because they can perform many of the same functions as doctors like medicine prescription, illness treatment, etc. Try to complete a master degree in nursing and also have a certification course so that you can have handful of dollars in other countries too. 

Physician assistant position also occupies the best place in many countries. A physician generally conducts physical exams, prescribes medicine, treat illness, etc. The job growth is expected to rise more than 30% every year.

Apart from these positions, you can also take a look at nurse anesthetist. Certified nurse anesthetists are in high demand with an average salary of about 180,000 dollars. But he/she should have at least one year of full time experience along with national certification.

2) Technology Field – Software Engineers, System Engineers, IT Analysts and Software Architects:

Planning to work in the fast growing tech sector and become a techy? Information Technology occupies the top place over the next decade. System Engineer is the most demanding professional today. The career field is expected to grow more than 40% over the next years. For this you need to complete a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Software Architects is also considered as the best job in many countries with job growth of about 30%. These engineers are responsible to analyze and store the data. 

Coming to IT field, an entry level Information Technology analysts can earn more than $60,000 and you can expect more than 30% of job growth in the next 10 years.

3) Education Field -High School Teachers, Elementary School Teachers, College Professionals:

With increase in number of students, there is also an increased need for professors in colleges and schools. Choose education arena and enjoy great flexibility in the working schedules. Those who love to work with kids can become a school teacher and can also free you to do variety of other tasks.

4) Financial Services – Financial Adviser, Accountants:

Interested with numbers from childhood? Have a rewarding career in the financial services industry. But make sure you are a certified public accountant. There are lots and lots of companies doing away with the pension plans and employees are looking for an excellent retirement plan. So you can reach out them and provide your best. An average financial adviser can have more than 40% of growth over the next few decades.

5) Technical Careers – Physical Therapist Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Veterinary Technicians:

Today the physical therapy field is booming and sometimes it’s not a must that the applicants obtain a college degree to become a physical therapist. The growth rate of physical therapist is about 40% and these people are responsible for developing treatment plans, documenting treatments and concentrating on specific treatments based on the needs of patients. Dental Hygienists and also veterinary techs also have their own preferences today.

6) Sales Professions:

Sales are extremely important to any company or to any product. It can be software companies or financial service firms. They need to motivate staff and help the company to reach their expected revenue goals. Sales directors, sales executives or the senior sales professionals can earn the best income if they plan correctly. 

7) Business Services Career – Construction Estimator:

Business Service jobs are always the lifeblood in many countries that accounts more than 70% of all jobs. Construction estimators are expected to be the assets today accounting you to maximum growth at any time. But as a construction estimator, you require lots of experience and also accuracy. 

8) Consulting Careers – Managements Consultant and Healthcare Consultant:

Management and healthcare are the best lucrative industries for those who are seeking to get into. Most of the companies look different ways to save money on employee costs. Hence they outsource the projects. As a result consultants are expected to be incredibly in high demand.

9) Engineering Careers:

Companies are facing a difficult time in finding quality engineers. Civil, environmental, structural engineers can have job growth over the next decade. Biomedical engineers can see job growth of about more than 70% in the upcoming years. The work seems to be low stress and the job satisfaction is very high.

10) Middle Management Professions – Product Manager, Risk Manager, Development Manager and Research Manager:

Midlevel management is always important and occupies the top place in any company. These people are responsible for supervising day – to – day functions and also maintain smooth interactions with the management along with staff. All of them make sure that the company’s projects reach the market successfully.

Here we can see the few more career options in India 2016 Below image

Best and Highest Paying Jobs in India
These are just few and Common Careers to Choose in India that got into my list. There are certainly few other rewarding and excellent careers like Law, Entertainment, Journalism and Mass Communication, etc. I just suggest students to sit back for few minutes while choosing their career. Always try to know the pros and cons before you start pursuing any course. Choose the best one and reward your career with time. Wishing good luck for your Career Plan!!
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