How to Change Your Name Legally in India

How to Change Your Name Legally in India: Many people have this question in their minds in India. There are many reasons to change their names. There is a certain procedure to change their names in India. Actually it has both good and bad side effects. 

Mostly women in India change their names after marriage. Some people also change their names because they thought that their names are not trendy and old fashioned one. Many people change their names to get success in their business or profession.

How to Change Your Name Legally in IndiaBut changing of the name is a tedious task. There is a official procedure to change your names legally. And the procedure is very easy. But after changing of your name that impact will be very high. We need to change all your legal ID proofs like PAN card, Voter card and passport. And also we need to change in all your academic certificates. But this is difficult thing to change in all the documents. It takes more time to change your name. Here we are providing a procedure to your name.

Procedure to Change your name in India

There are three steps to change your name in India.

1. Affidavit :

  • First you have to visit your local notary office.
  • You should a file a affidavit for change of your name.
  • Mention a proper reason for changing your name.
  • This form is helpful for you to change your name or surname.
  • Its better to take help of a qualified advocate for this thing because you don’t know the all the rules and laws formed or reformed recently even though its expensive.

2. Newspaper Publication:

  • This is the second step to change your name.
  • You need to publish your name change in at least two news papers where in which you can find public declaration classified section.
  • These are treated as proofs for your name change.
  • You need to keep a copy of these news papers as proofs in future.

3. Gazette Notification:

  • This is the final step in your name changing procedure.
  • You have to submit your name changing application to the official Gazette of your state.
  • If the local Gazette is not available then you need to submit to Gazette of India.
  • Your name change will be published in the official Gazette record after proper verification of all the documents.
  • They will also send this name change document to your mentioned address.
  • The above procedure is helpful to change your name officially in India.

Required Documents involved in the whole process

  • Name Change Affidavit
  • Newspaper Publication
  • Name Change Deed
  • Name Change Statement
  • Reply Letter from the Secretariat
  • Publication Money Receipt.
  • Gazette Notification
  • Request letter to the Secretariat

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