Top Income Tax Efilling Websites in India

Top Income Tax Efilling Websites India: There are many alternative websites apart from Income Tax Department's e-filing website. There are some good alternatives available which make the process simple. There are a lot of websites available to pay the tax in easy way.

Some of the websites for Income Tax efiling are Income Tax Department Website, Clear Tax, Tax Spanner, Quicko, Tax Chanakya, MY IT Returns, Make My returns, Tax Munshi, Tax Manager, Tax Shax, H&R Block, TaxSmile, Taxspanner.

The Given Below are The Top 10 Income Tax efiling Websites in India:

It is very easy to use. When you website, you'll see two buttons one that lets you manually fill in details and one that offers to scan your Form-16 PDF and fill in details. To create an account fill your personal details such as name, PAN, address .For those who need a CA's assistance, Cleartax offers CA-assisted e-filing starting from Rs. 599. The website says that Cleartax's accountants do the e-filing for you if you opt for a paid plan - they gather all the details over phone calls and email. The free tier doesn't include support over telephone, so you'll have to rely on email.

The Taxspanner has the paid services. Even if the tax payer can fill in all the Form-16 details yourself and file the returns, you need to pay Rs. 449. Taxspanner might appeal to those who have accounts with SBI because they give a discount of almost 50 percent. It is easy to follow the steps necessary without any trouble and they offer support via live chat and email. 
Top Income Tax Efilling Websites India
This websites is provided with some simple links which can help the tax payers to find out how much tax the person need to pay and how to file your returns, and even pay taxes online. It is better to follow this website, particularly if you were feeling confused about how to pay taxes. It offers income tax efiling free of cost.

H&R Block:
It has a nice, clean interface which lets you file your returns for free. This website also scans your Form-16 PDF and automatically fills in most details from it. One differentiator from ClearTax is that H&R Block has "agents ready to help" even on the free tier. The process of e-filing is quite straightforward here. It lets you get the return forms checked by a CA for Rs. 499, but if you want a CA to prepare your returns, the cost is Rs. 999. The tax payer can call on the office number if they need assistance.

MYIT Return:
This website ahs two buttons one to fill details and other to upload Form-16 PDF. It offers income tax efiling for Rs. 299. It is the easiest and the fastest way to file your Income-tax return. It provides accurate calculation with low cost.

It is having a sticky window with a phone number, an email address and a link to live chat support. It offers free e-filing for those with net taxable income of up to Rs. 5 lakh. You will have to enter all details by yourself, which is a disadvantage compared to other webistes. For Rs. 500, you can upload your Form-16 and let Taxsmile take care of filing.
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