Most Important FAQs on Filling Income Tax Return in India

Income Tax Return FAQs in India: There are different types of taxes applicable in India. The persons getting salary need to pay Professional Tax, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Food and Entertainment Tax, Surcharge Tax and other taxes. The candidate can easily file your income tax return online by visiting the website and follow the steps to start your e-filling. It is very important for you to provide correct information about your income to the income tax department. So this is a very crucial step for your financial life.

The Below Given are some of the Most Important Income Tax Return FAQ’s:

1) Who needs to file income tax returns?
A. The person whose earnings are more than the basic exemption limit, needs to file income tax returns.

2) Where to find the income tax return forms?
A. The forms can be downloaded from

3) What are the toll free numbers of income tax department?
A. The toll free numbers for all general queries: 1800 180 1961/1961 (central processing centre income tax department), your IT refund status: 18004252229, e-filing of income tax return: 1800 4250 0025. 

4) How to check income tax return status online?
A. The persons those who want to check their income tax return status in online should provide their PAN number and assessment year and can check the status.

5) What is the main benefit of filling income tax returns (ITR)?
A. It’s not the matter of benefit but it’s a legal obligation and must be fulfilled by everyone who falls under the given category.

6) What if I file tax return late after due date?
A. If the Tax is paid after the due date, you will get your refund amount, with a loss of interest accumulated on your refund amount so far.

7) What does “Your assessing officer has not sent this refund to Refund Banker” means?
A. It happens due to manual IT return submission. There reasons may be several in this case, but as per the message generally you can understand that, your IT return application is not yet assessed by your assessing officer and you can take the IT return filling copy and go to the address mentioned in that and directly contact them.

8) Who is an Assessing officer?
A. The person who will assess your income tax return is called as the Assessing officer.

9) When is the earliest I can get my tax refund?
A. No such timeline mentioned anywhere. For such case, if all your information is correct, you may get your IT return cheque in 10 – 15 days or depending on many cases it might take more time. The IT return status can be checked regularly and based on that you can communicate to IT dept.

10) who need not file income tax return in India, in case if I am not in India?
A. One way is to use the online e filling service providers like ClearTax and file your return simply by uploading your form16. The other way is to authorize your friend with a power of Attorney to file your return and that friend may file your income tax return.
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