How to Submit Response to Outstanding Tax Demand Online

Response to Outstanding Tax Demand Online: The candidates after filing their income tax return in online and face any problem then they should know how to response to outstanding tax demand online. The outstanding tax demand is nothing but the miss match between the income tax paid by you and the actual amount of tax you should pay.

This happens in some cases when the person might have paid the income tax but forget to update the same while filing the income tax return online. Then though the tax is paid in online it shows that the person has not paid the tax. For this purpose, the person needs to submit the response to Outstanding Tax Demand. The taxpayers can also respond online to these demands.

The Given Below is the Detailed Process to Submit the Response to Outstanding Tax Demand:

  • First you need to Login to with user ID, password, date of birth and check Refund or Demand status menu and if there is any outstanding tax demand, the “Response to Outstanding Tax Demand” will appear showing demand amount along with A.Y. for which demand exists. Then enter the PAN number and Captcha code.
  • Then you can submit your response by selecting the correct option. The options are:
  • Demand is correct: If you select demand is correct then you cannot disagree with the demand letter.
  • Demand is partially correct or 3. Disagree with demand: If you select other options i.e. demand is partially correct or disagree with demand, you will have to provide reasons for exercising the option along with documentary evidence.
  • Based on the reason selected, the candidate needs to provide additional information as below
  • Demand Paid: BSR Code, date of payment, serial no, Amount. If challan doesn’t have serial no you will have to upload challan.
  • Demand already reduced by rectification/Revision/Appeal: Upload rectification order passed by AO and provide information on date of order, pending demand amount after rectification.
  • Rectification / Revised Return filed at CPC: If you have filed rectification for the demand amount, provide acknowledgement No of rectification application filed online. In case if you have filed revised return, you need to provide e-Filed acknowledgement No of the revised return.
  • Rectification filed with AO: If you have filed rectification application manually to the jurisdictional assessing officer, provide date of filing application.
  • Once the candidate submits the response, the transaction id will get generated which can be viewed later.
  • If demand is shown to be uploaded by AO, rectification right is with Assessing Officer, you have to contact your jurisdictional Assessing Officer for rectification and for the demand against which there is “No Submit response option” available such demand is already confirmed by the Assessing Officer. Now you have to contact your Jurisdictional Assessing officer for rectification if it is needed. If the candidate is having any concern on return processing by CPC, you can submit your grievances online. 

The candidates those who want to get the complete details can also go through the below link
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