How to Choose Income Tax Efiling Website Tips

How to Choose Income Tax Efiling Website: The income tax efiling websites portals are very popular these days as they can complete the entire task regarding income tax return filing and do all the calculations. The tax payer can track the IT return status online very easily but they have to pay a fee to avail the services from that income tax efiling website. To file your income tax return online for free you have to do your own by visiting Income Tax India website. There are many Income Tax eFiling Websites through which the tax payer can file the income tax return online or offline to the Tax Department

The best way to file income tax return is by visiting the website The tax payer can simply register with your PAN number and download the IT return form. There are various forms and you should know which one you have to download and fill. The more complex thing is your income sources, the more number of forms and more complex will be your income tax calculation process. This way you can file the income tax returns.

Many people don’t trust providing information to these websites. So they go to a tax consultant who will collect Form-16 and other documents and file your IT return. But here the problem is to track income tax filing status. Sometimes you may not get reply from the tax consultant for several days. So choosing an income tax efiling website will be a good choice.

Best Way to File Income Tax Return:

  • The Tax payer can file income tax return by manually, when your income and investment structure is less complex and also you know all the basic income tax rules and sections which could apply on your investments. For this simply visit portal, download ITR-1 or ITR-2 or other applicable forms. Fill those forms with your Form-16 data one by one.
  • The person can upload the forms and wait for the further update. 
  • The person will get many SMS alerts and can check income tax return status. 
  • There are also many income tax eFiling websites which makes the process of Income tax returns very simple. 
  • The alternate way is you can also hire a CA or choose an income tax efiling website. For these Income tax portals the tax payers need to pay some amount.
  • After choosing these income tax efiling websites, you have to send the acknowledgement slip to Bangalore CPC office via post office by yourself only after successful completion of efiling. 
  • Even if you pay the amount for income tax return, you have to go to the post office later to courier that slip. 
  • Most of the tax payers forgot to file the income tax returns. 
  • The advantage of choosing a income tax efiling website is that the tax payers can get easy reminders about the IT return due dates. 
  • The tax payers can chose any of the best online tax return websites of India.
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