Low Fat Milk - Different Types of Milk

Low Fat Milk: Every person can choose the variety of milk according to their age and lifestyle. There is a variety and choice of milk to fit every age and lifestyle. The primary types of milk sold in stores are whole milk, reduced-fat milk (2%), low-fat milk (1%), and fat-free milk. The percentages included in the names of the milk indicate how much fat is in the milk by weight. Whole milk is 3.5% milk fat and is the closest to the way it comes from the cow before processing. 

Low Fat Milk - Different Types of Milk
Consumers that want to cut calories and fat have multiple options like reduced-fat milk contains 2% milk fat and low-fat milk contains 1% milk fat. Fat-free milk, also called nonfat or skim, contains no more than 0.2% milk fat. 

All of these milks contain the nine essential nutrients found in whole milk but less fat. Reduced fat milks have all of the nutrients of full fat milk and no water is added to these types of milk. Most milk undergoes processing before you buy it at the store. The three primary steps include pasteurization, homogenization and fortification. Milk is processed on the basis of the maximum content of fat and solid not fat (SNF) it would ultimately possess.

Different Types of Milk with Fat Percentage:

Standardized Milk:

This is made by the combination of buffalo milk and skimmed milk. The fat percentage is maintained at 4.5% and the solid not fat SNF is 8.5%. The whole standardized milk is whole milk standardized to a minimum fat content of 3.5%.

Semi Skimmed Milk:

The Semi skimmed milk is one of the most popular types of milk having a fat content of 1.7% when compared to a minimum of 3.5% in whole standardized milk and 0.1% in skimmed milk. Skimmed milk has a fat content of between 0- 0.5%. It has an average fat content of 0.1%. Skimmed milk is has almost all the fat removed.

Whole Milk:

The natural whole milk is milk with nothing added or removed. Whole homogenized milk is identical in fat and has nutrient content to whole standardized milk. It undergoes a specific process known as homogenization which breaks up the fat globules in the milk.

Reduced-Fat Milk: 

It is one of the healthy types of milk when compared to other varieties. It contains 2% of milk fat. Drinking 2% milk is a good way to get oneself from whole milk at first, but is too high in fat as a permanent choice, unless your diet is otherwise very low in fat.
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