How to Make Green Tea and Benefits of Green Tea

How to Make Green Tea and Its Benefits: Green tea has been known to be a healthier substitute to normal beverages like coffee and other types of tea owing to its lower caffeine content. Green tea has many benefits. It contains various enzymes and amino acids and is enriched with carbohydrates and lipids.

Green tea is also a healthier option owing to the way it is processed. Caffeine and related compounds are also a part of green tea. It has a very bitter taste and this taste is intensified if the tea is not prepared properly. But with regular practice, this bitterness can be reduced.

Green tea can really help you lose weight naturally, It helps you burn fat faster because green tea has caffeine and it increases your metabolism making you burn more fat and it's a mild appetite suppressant. Its full of antioxidants and is good for you.

Also it helps for weight loss, Fresh breath, Reduces Cholesterol, Healthy Skin and hair, diabetes and blood pressure, Reduces Stress and Depression and Helps with Asthma.

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How to Prepare Green Tea and Its Benefits of Green Tea

Ingredients to Prepare Green Tea at Home:
  • Green tea powder -1.5 tsp
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Honey/Sugar - 1 tsp
  • Elaichi powder - a pinch [optional] 
Method of Green Tea Preparation:

To make green tea, boil water in a tea pot or pan. Once it starts boiling switch off and add the green tea powder. Then allow it to get soaked for 3 to 4 minutes. By now the color would be brown. Then strain the tea powder and add sugar or honey. Add a pinch of Elachi powder. In this way the Green tea can be prepared.

The Benefits of Green Tea:

Weight Loss:

Then Green tea contains natural anti-oxidants which will help in reducing the weight. As obesity is one of the major problems today, so by drinking the green tea regularly a person can maintain an ideal weight.

Reduces Cholesterol:

The high levels of cholesterol in the body can lead to dangerous risks to the health, mainly that of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Green tea contains tannin's that are known to lower cholesterol naturally in the body.

Healthy Hair:

Green tea is also known to stimulate hair growth and soften the hair. It contains Vitamin E and Vitamin C, which are known to boost the hair. We can easily make a green tea rinse at home by steeping 3 to 4 bags of green tea in half a liter of water and using this water as the last rinse after we have shampooed.

Managing Blood Pressure:

Green tea contains the percentage of caffeine which is very low giving positive effects to the persons on the overall health of their heart. It helps in managing diabetes and cholesterol, thus managing high blood pressure.
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