How to Claim or Process of Claiming on Your Motorbike Insurance

Process of Claiming on Your Motorbike Insurance: Are you injured in a bike accident? If it is a minor accident you can pay off for your damages. But what if the third person is the victim? If you have bike insurance you can claim your expenses that were incurred. Claiming a bike insurance policy is easy when you have plan of action. 

It is your responsibility to know the process of claim beforehand to avoid any future rejections. However, there might be delays in inspecting and reporting the proceedings but by following the order of claiming, these delays can be kept minimum. Here we give you an insight of claiming a two-wheeler insurance policy.

Accident! What Next?
  • You can claim when you bear the loss. So, look for the loss or damage caused to the bike due to collision.
  • Check whether some other is hurt due to the collision.
  • Immediately inform the police and the hospital in case of a serious damage or injury.
  • Report the police, if you find anyone leaving the accident zone after causing the collision.
Now, after ensuring the safety of the situation, it is your turn to inform your insurance company about the incident.
  • Write down the registration details of the other vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Never admit the liability to the accident as there would be a lot more reasons that caused the accident.
  • Make a note of the details of the other victims and the witnesses, and the place of accident along with the landmark to ensure a solid proof.
How to Claim or Process of Claiming on Your Motorbike Insurance

After gathering the minimalistic details of the accident, report the event to your insurance company to start claiming. The damage or loss incurred outside an accident can also be claimed successfully. Let us go through the process of claiming a theft or vandalized bike.
  • If your two-wheeler was vandalized or damaged, immediately bring it to the notice of the police and save the reference number that you were given.
  • Report the same incident to your insurance company making sure you submit the supporting details like the police reference number, time of incident and place of incident.
Handling Your Insurance Company
  • After reporting the damage to your insurer you need to start claiming within 24 hours and inform this to your insurer.
  • A positive nod for claim, then your insurer will ask you to take your two-wheeler to one of the network garage to estimate the amount of damage that has caused to your bike.
  • There are certain things here for you to know, if you have got your bike repaired from another garage, not the one in network; your claim might not go well and you will be in need to pay excess on any claim you make. However, if you are the victim in an accident with some other at fault you will be exempted in paying the excess.
  • Finally, check your two-wheeler insurance policy claim terms and conditions before starting your claim to ensure a successful claim.
Now, when you know the procedure of claiming your bike insurance successfully, why waste your time roaming around the offices of your insurer. Start today with the procedure and come out with a successful claim. Here is a piece of advice for you, before you go to claim your damages; you give a through reading of claim conditions and limitations. This guides you better during the process.
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