How to Get Death Certificate Online

How to get death certificate online: Death certificate is one of the most important document issued by the government that gives information about your person such as date of death, place, gender etc. The death certificate plays a crucial role especially in establishing property and inheritance claims.

it is mandatory to register your person death or birth. This needs to be done quickly. Issuing of death certificate may not be the same throughout the country. While most of the hospitals take care of the entire procedure.

How to Register the Death :

Once the hospital issues the letter stating all the details of your person death , next you need to do is to do the registration. You need to fill the registration form given by the registrar nearest to you. Once filled, you need to submit the form in the office of the local authorities. The authorities will then do a proper verification with the hospital. Then, you need to visit the nearest District Statistical Officer and then check the details of your registration. You need to pay Rs 5 for the copy of the certificate in the statistical office.

Since obtaining a certificate is usually a tedious job, many states have now relaxed the features and even allow you to apply for the birth certificate online. In Bangalore, BBMP's unit Bangalore One is one centre where you can apply for the certificate online. BBMP is providing respective authority digitally signed certificates to Bangalore One which can be issued over the counter. The Citizen has to furnish Date of Event either Birth or Death to search the Certificate from the BBMP Database. the applicants Details such as Name, Address, and Mobile Number will be captured to commit a transaction at Bangalore One Center.

How to Apply in Online:

  • Enter the registration number and the person name.
  • Then enter gender , date of death and place of death.
  • After that enter name of the mother and name of the father or husband.
  • After that enter the verification code.
  • Then press the submit button and death certificate will displayed on the screen.
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