How to Create a Blog or Start a Blog - Complete Guide for Beginner’s

How to Start a Blog: Now-a-days everyone wants to start a blog. For that, the person who wants to create the blog first need to choose the preferred blogging platform. Then need to choose whether you want to self-host and a paid domain, or get a free blog. After that you need to set up a blog on your own domain, if you choose self-hosting and a custom domain. Then designing your blog will be an interesting thing. Then collect the useful resources for blogging.

10 easy steps for beginners to start a blog or create a blog:

The Given Below are the Steps to Start a Blog:

How to Create a Blog or Start a Blog1) Select the Platform:

A platform is just a system which is used to add content and manage your blog simple and code-free.

2) Choose a Web host:

A web host is a company that stores all of the files for the website and delivers them to the user when they type in your domain name. Everyone must have a web host in order to have a blog.

3) Pick a Domain Name:

Select a domain name for the web blog. The Type the domain name you want to use in the left box and click “next”. If the name is available, you will be able to claim it.

4) Select a Plan:

Select a basic plan and later you can always upgrade if you decide you want more advanced features. But you get a whole lot right out of the box.

5) Complete your registration:

Once you have chosen Hatchling plan and found a name you like that is available, then you need to register it by putting in your contact and billing information.

6) Log in to Your New Account control panel:

It may take a few minutes for BlueHost to register your account. Then You should get a confirmation email on when your account will be ready.

7) Install WordPress:

Once you have logged in to your control panel, all the information you need for that should be on your inbox. Then install WordPress by clicking install Wordpress.

8) Log in and Check it out:

The Process of installation is once completed, then you will be able to get an email which will give you the login information, including an “Admin URL”. Click the admin URL to login to your blog. The URL is simply , here the xxx means the domain name.

9) Configure Your Blog:

The person needs to learn the basics of the WordPress interface. Changing your blog’s design by Installing new plugins. You should making your blog search engine friendly.

10) Writing Blog Posts with WordPress:

Then you need to learn how to write a post inside WordPress and must learn how to add images, links and format text. Then you must know how to write good content in the blog.
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