Best Universities in UK - Top Universities in UK

Best Universities in UK: There are many top Universities in United Kingdom. In terms of popularity with international students, the UK overall lags only behind the considerably larger US. Many universities in UK enjoy the Global reputation. The universities in UK are ranked among World’s top 10 Universities. It became craze for many students to study in countries like USA, UK. So many colleges came into existence. 

The candidates can chose the Universities based on their library and lab facilities. They can also enquire about the faculty and their teaching. Most importantly they need to check the job opportunities they are going to get after the completion of their degree. Here we mentioned best universities in UK or top universities in UK. So that candidates can choose best one.

List of Best Universities in UK are Given Below:

1) University of Cambridge:

The Cambridge University is one of the World popular universities. It is one of the largest and oldest Universities in UK. Its academic achievements are known world wide and students are getting attracted to join in this university. It provides high standards of learning opportunities to the students.

2) Imperial College London:

This is also a World class university having approximately 15,500 students from 125 countries. It is having excellent teaching staff in engineering, natural science and medicine. The students can interact with scholars of all levels to clarify their doubts. It also provides scholarships for the students.

3) University of Oxford:

It is the internationally renowned university for teaching and research. It is the oldest university which is having students from all across the world. It gives admission to both undergraduate and graduate students. It develops skill and innovation in the students.

4) University College London:

It is the London’s top multidisciplinary research university having international reputation for its teaching and research. It is ranked among fifth in World University rankings. It has greatest concentration of libraries and museums.

5) Kings College London:

This is one of the top Universities in UK which is providing more job opportunities for the students who are studying there. It is having sports club, activity groups and student societies to help the students to expand their academic career.

6) University of Edinburg:

This is a Well known university having good teaching faculty and around 20,000 undergraduate students study here. It provides high standards of learning opportunities to the students. The University is having many galleries, museums, libraries, student societies and sports clubs.
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