Best Free Apps for Android in 2015

Best free Apps for Android: There are plenty of fantastic apps to be found for Android. Most of the apps in Android are free. Technology has made it easier and the persons can connect with others using their smart phones. In past, there are landlines, mobiles and emails. Now-a-days there are many free apps. 

There are plenty to choose. The main purpose that many people are using these is their ease of use and cross platform availability. The apps are coming in different features. And it is the persons choice to choose the suitable one for them.

Best Free Apps for Android are Given Below:

1) Evernote:

Evernote is the front runner when it comes to note taking. It has a number of features like device syncing, organizational features, compatibility with other applications and other different types of notes. There are premium options that add more functionality but there are millions of people who enjoy the free version of this app. 

2) ES File Explorer:

It is a top choice for many customers. ES File explorer is really is one of the must have apps on Android for many users. It is packed with features for both root and un-rooted users. It has a nice interface and it is free. It is better than all of the stock file manager offerings.

3) Google Drive:

Google drive is same like the drop box. It gives excellent solution for the people who want cloud storage. The persons can also store backups, photos, videos and other files. Google Drive also has the added benefit of having a small assortment of office-style applications like a word editor and a spreadsheet editor. These are free android apps.

4) Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts is mainly used for text messaging. It allows to connect with people and chat totally free of charge. It also supports voice calls, video calls and provides other services. The persons can send messages in a easy way and can even send group messages to other persons. 

5) iHeart Radio- Internet Radio:

iHeartRadio is a app which is most liked by all fans of the radio. Instead of depending completely on an FM transmitter which not all devices can have, iHeartRadio relies only on a data to stream practically any radio station we want. By using this we can play our favorite music.
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