Best Dog Breeds for Apartments

Best dogs for Apartments: Now-a-days every one loves to have a dog in their apartment. These dogs also make the apartment look good. The dogs are also much liked the children and also the elders. But now the dogs are seen only in a few apartments as some people find it as a disturbance to have dog in their apartment. But there are few dogs which look very pretty giving entertainment to the apartment people and also providing safety.

The Best Dogs for the Apartments are Mentioned Below:

1) Boston Terrier:

This dog makes the apartment look good. This dog is too smart for its own good which may lead to trouble. The dog barks in a less voice which never troubles the neighbors. It is having good energy levels. Taking this dog for a daily walk will be sufficient. 

Boston Terrier

2) Yorkshire Terrier:

This dog is very cute and compact which gives great look to the apartment. It is a very quiet dog which weighs just 6 to 7 pounds. It can adapt to new people, pets, situations. So we can invite everyone to the apartment. This dog will feel happy as long as we pay attention.

Yorkshire Terrier

3) Chinese Crested:

This dog is not much best looking but it is a loving companion and a wonderful apartment sized pup. It is a dedicated and loyal friend. This is an ideal dog for any apartment. It can sleep or lie in bed with us for hours.

Chinese Crested

4) Bichon Frise:

This Fancy French pooch looks much pretty and occupies only less space. It is a typical yippy little dog. It looks much puffy and barks only if there is someone at the door. This breed is very energetic and it should get enough exercises indoor or outdoor. 

Bichon Frise

5) PUG:

These dogs are having big eyes. It comes in a handy compact size which weighs only 14 to 18 pounds. This pug needs daily exercise and a short walk every day. 


6) Chihuahua:

This dog requires only less space. It is having excessive barking habit but in can be trained and the barking level can be reduced. It is most affectionate, intelligent and a fast learner. It will be happy if we show attention on this dog.


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