Top Schools in Mumbai or Best Schools in Mumbai

Top Schools in Mumbai: There are many good schools in Mumbai with international standards and ultra modern facilities. It is good place for studies as there are a huge number of schools which provide excellent education to the students. So the students from all across the globe come to study in the Mumbai Schools.

Previously, there are only a few schools which are having good faculty and which provide good quality of education. Now-a-days there a many schools providing high quality education to the students. So now students have their choices to select the school.

With only a few options to study, choosing a best school has never been difficult in olden days. But now with a lot of options to study the choice of a best school becomes tedious for parents. So to make the choice easier we give a list of best and top schools of Mumbai for a productive education.

List of Top Schools in Mumbai are Listed Below:

1) Dhirubhai Ambani International School

It is a leading school in Mumbai which is started in 2003. It is the number one school in Mumbai. This school is affiliated to ICSE and IGCSE. This is a international school which has gained its reputation by providing high quality education along with extracurricular activities.


2) Champion School

It is one of the oldest and best schools in Mumbai. It is started in the year 1943. This is one of well modernized school in Mumbai having computers in the class rooms. The process of learning is through tours, projects and activities.

3) The Cathedral and John Cannon School

It is started by an Anglo- Scottish Education Society. It is founded in the year 1893. It has IT enabled class rooms and it has state of art music and studios in its campus.

4) Jamnabai Narsee School

It is one of the top schools in Mumbai founded in the year 1970. It focuses on academic studies along with sports, social and cultural activities. 


5) Smt Sulochanadevi Singhania School

This school is started in 1968. This school is having the largest campus when compared to other schools in Mumbai. It provides innovative methods of teaching.

6) St Mary’s School

It is started in the year 1864.  This school is having an auditorium, gymnasiums, sports grounds with international standards. There are many famous persons who have studied in this school.

7) Bombay Scottish school

It is started in the year 1847. It provides facilities like sports, music, gymnastics, art and craft. These activities are mainly to encourage the creativity among the students.

8) Podar International School

It is founded in the year 1927. It provides e-learning across various disciplines. The students will be given iPads and the classrooms are having 3D facilities to improve the learning experiences.

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