Top International Schools in India or Best International Schools in India

Top International Schools in India: The international schools creates international environment and provides international education to the students. These international schools follow different system of education and they give high quality education to the students.

The international schools have both residential and boarding schools. There are many top international schools in India which provides international facilities to the students. These schools have good trained faculty, infrastructure and library facilities.

There are several advantages to learning in an international school, Because international schools offer a more rounded experience for its students that can be beneficial to their future. Here i have mentioned top international schools in India or best International schools in India

List of Top International Schools in India are Listed Below:

1) Dhirubhai Ambani International School

It is a leading school in Mumbai which is started in 2003. This school is affiliated to ICSE and IGCSE. This is a international school which has gained its reputation by providing high quality education along with extra curricular activities.

2) The Reverside School and Ecole Mondiale World School

The Reverside School is located in Ahmedabad which teaches good morals to the children. The Ecole Mondiale World School is located in Mumbai which teaches life skills to the students.

3) Oberoi International School

This school is located in Mumbai. It has a good faculty which develops creativity among the students. It has good laboratories and it also encourages cultural activities.

4) Mercedes Benz International

It is located in Pune. It is having students all across the globe as it provides international facilities. It has good library and lab facilities and  also provides tennis court.

5) Scottish High International

It is located in Gurgaon. It is affiliated to Cambridge University. It is having good architecture which is environment friendly. It is giving a foreign feel with its infrastructure.

6) Pathways School

It is located in Noida. It gives quality education to the students to achieve success in their academics. It mainly concentrates on the academics rather than sports or other activities.

7) International School of Hyderabad and Aditya Birla world Academy

The International school of Hyderabad takes individual care on every student and gives them good opportunity to exhibit their skills. The Aditya Birla world Academy is located in Mumbai and it encourages students to discover new things.

8) Podar International School and Billabong International School

These are located in Mumbai. Podar international schools creates discipline in students and it develops cultural environment. Billabong International school makes the students as successful entrepreneurs. It gives meaningful learning experiences to students which are useful for their lifetime.
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