Best Luxury Trains in India or Luxurious Trains in India

Best luxury trains in India: Trains are a means of transport but these luxury trains gives a royal experience as they provide best services on the train while travelling. It is the best way of experiencing Indian royalty. It provides most exciting experiences to the passengers who are travelling in the luxury trains.

Luxury trains gives the people a different experience as each luxury train is special in its own way. The passengers can choose can any luxury train based on their taste and the cost they can afford. It is very memorable to have a journey in these luxury trains.

List of Luxurious Trains in India

1) Palace on Wheels:

Palace on Wheels

It is established in 1982. It is the most popular and oldest Indian luxury trains. It is launched in order to promote Rajasthan tourism. It gives a feel as if travelling in the Rajasthan. It covers brilliant destinations in Rajasthan like Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmar and Agra.

2) Golden Chariot:

Golden Chariot

Golden Chariot is the only luxury train in Indian to travel through the landscapes of South India. The Golden Chariot India is the Pride of Karnataka tourism. It has restaurants, Lunge bars, Gym coach and a conference coach. It covers historically significant places, wild life, natural beauty. It gives utmost luxury and comfort.

3) The Indian Maharaja:

The Indian Maharaja

It has won the World Travel Award for Asia’s best luxury train. It is the most luxurious train of Deccan odyssey. It provides tourism across selected places in north and west India. It also covers landscapes and world heritage sites in India giving an unforgettable experience.

4) Royal Rajasthan on Wheels:

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

It is the improvised version of Palace on wheels. It is a 7 days travel and the customer can see the beauty of Taj Mahal of Agra and Lake Palace of Jaipur. It also takes to the Land of Maharaja’s of Rajasthan and also through Varanasi and Khajuraho giving also a spiritual experience.

5) Deccan Odyssey:

Deccan Odyssey

It travels over the beautiful places in Deccan Plateau in the state of Maharashtra. It also cover parts of Goa, Ajanta Ellora caves, Ratnagiri. It provides guest cabins, restaurants and luxury rooms, fitness center and spa.

6) Royal Orient Train:

Royal Orient Train

This train will travel through the places of Gujarat and Rajasthan in India. It has five star facilities which includes lounge in every coach. The train starts from Delhi covers all the way up to Gujarat.

7) Fairy Queen Train:

Fairy Queen Train

This is the world’s oldest steam engine train which travels from Delhi to Alwar in Rajasthan.
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