Best Chat App for Android, Top Chat Apps or Best Chat Apps

Top chat apps for Android: Technology has made it easier and the persons can connect with others using their smart phones. In past, there are landlines, mobiles and emails. Now-a-days there are many message sending apps. There are plenty to choose. So here i am giving information about Best Chat App for Android Phones.

The main purpose that many people are using message sending apps lies in its ease of use and cross platform availability. The apps are coming in different features. And it is the persons choice to choose the suitable one for them.

List of Top Chat Apps for Android are Given Below:

1) WhatsApp

WhatsApp is initially free and it is simple to download. Many people have downloaded this app. It allows photo, audio, video media, as well as group chat. It is best app for chatting with friends because most of the persons are having WhatsApp.

2) Facebook Messenger

It works in ios, Android, Blackberry, Windows. It has made the messenger the only way of chatting for the people who chat via facebook. It also allows voice messaging and free wi-fi calls. It is also having an array of stickers.

3) Slack

It is very popular app among younger, hipper business team. It allows all sort of contents like pdf’s, gifs, doc, video. It has easy usability and it is colorful and fun.

4) SnapChat

It works in iOS and Android. Through SnapChat the candidates can send free messages, pictures, videos, quick snaps in a nice way. This is used by most of the persons.

5) Cryptocat

It allows people to send encrypted chat, including group conversations in a small interface. This provides most secure conversation. The candidate not even needs to create an account.

6) KiK

It works in iOS, Android, Window Phone. It is the first messenger app with its own browser. It also shares you tube, photos, stickers, all in-app. Accounts are set up with the username and email address.


7) Google Hangouts

This smart phone app is useful to those who do not have their colleagues number. It supports animated stickers, pictures, location settings, voice group calls.

8) Line

It works in ios and Android. It is same like Facebook. It also have various games. It also provides various chat options, group chatting, audio and video chatting. 

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