Penguin Update and Penguin Recovery

What is Penguin Update?

Penguin is an algorithm, originally It was launched in April 2012. also known as Over Optimization Penalty. The idea Bring down websites that break Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and use black-hat SEO techniques.

This Penguin update included lowering the (SERP)search engine ranking Position of all those sites that practice black-hat SEO techniques like copy or duplicate content, keyword stuffing and cloaking and more. Penguin purpose of Bring the high quality and content sites on the top of search engine rankings.

Penguin Update and Penguin Recovery
The Penguin update focused on a various issues. The problem that was being addressed here like unnatural, manipulative inbound link profiles. What makes a bad link profile? Google focused on links that were Coming from poor quality sites, On sites that aren't topically relevant to your niche or business, Paid links, Keyword rich links, Links where the anchor text is overly optimized (i.e exact-match anchor text).

How to Recover from Penguin Penalty 

If your site has been impacted, chances are the problem is with your link profile. I recommend downloading all of your back links from Google Webmaster tools and a third party source like ahrefs, link profiles,back link watch. Remove all the duplicates and analyze all of the links determining which ones is bad your site. Google said that reconsideration requests won’t help with Penguin.

Here I am giving few examples of links that Google considers to be link schemes in violation of their quality guidelines:

  • Low quality directory sites
  • Low quality bookmark sites
  • Unnatural Exact-match Anchor Text
  • Irrelevant Large-scale article
  • Irrelevant guest posting links
  • Hidden links
  • Links that were paid for
  • Irrelevant forum comments

Penguin 3.0 Recovery Ideas

  • Check Our Back links 
  • Find the site back links from Various back links tools and webmasters tools.
  • We need to remove links spam or less quality links.
  • We need to check heavy number of links from One domain or different domain.
  • Need to check that inks are come to natural based on your domain.
  • Need to check links are spread link value to other reffering domains or not. if spread seem to that links are quality or not.
  • Need to Verify any buying back links or not.
  • Check the site back links from any irrelavent catogory base or any foreign language websites.
  • Check Anchor text distribution properly or  not.
  • Do we have links from site-wide pages or only from content and topic specific pages?
  • This update more effective on spammy back links.

What we Need to Implement for Site Recovery.

  • Its better use links removal methods : Before using Disavow tool we can use  manual actions for links removal
  • We  need to wait until Google returns the Penguin algorithm or any other Algorithm and recover your site.
  • If we have any back links from articles posting links Its better to keep with our.
  • Penguin Is NOT the Same as a Manual Penalty. If we have any manual action penatly just we go to webmaster tools and go to manual actions just give request review for links removal.
  • We need to create new link building strategy with only quality links.
  • Prefer to the guest post links with quality content.
  • Product News postings With quality online magazines.
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